About Highrise

Highrise’s mission is to connect the world through imagination. We envision a world where everybody belongs, and our first product in realizing that vision is the leading avatar-based social network on iOS. Every day, over 100,000 people use our application to develop their identity, make friends, keep in touch, decorate avatars and rooms, and chat. We are committed to providing a warm and comforting environment for people from all walks of life in Highrise.

We are a lean and profitable team with offices in San Francisco and the American Underground in Raleigh-Durham. We are always looking for smart, talented, creative people to join our family and drive our vision for connecting millions of people across the world.

Team Players


The Renaissance Artist
Ann loves designing event rooms and listening to true crime podcasts.


The Queen Artist
Enjoys food, trivia, and cute things with little faces.


The Multi-Tasker
Struggling to grow up since ’86.


The Designer
Pizza Fiend. Pizza Crew. #Pizza.


The Operator
Dani works on events and social media and community management and… what doesn’t she do?


The OG Artist
Howard has 2 speeds: “fast” and “omg how?!”


The Resident Architect
Delivering solutions to your feature requests since 2013.


The Time Traveler
Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads.


The Concept Artist
She’s located in Pandatown, like movies, hiking and photography. Foodie for sure.


The Medic
“British bombshell, Goddess, one of a kind, iconic, fashion icon. Better than you.” -Renee


The UXpert


The Night Owl
Tin is one of those weird people who like both cats and dogs. Maybe dogs a little more. No, cats!


Working at #ME

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